Whereas many martial arts have consequently developed into competition sports, Aikido has remained what it has always been: traditional self defense.

Based on traditional fighting techniques, the founder of modern Aikido, Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, developed this way of weaponless self defense at the beginning of the last century.
AI is usually translated as harmony.
KI stands for spirit as the omnipresent source of life. Through steady training, as well as a clear and open mind, harmony and unity with universe itself can be acheived and collision with other (hostile) forces avoided: the fight is over before it begins.
DO is the way.

Morihei Ueshiba

By completely renouncing competitions, the original effective and elegant techniques of Aikido remain unchanged.
The aim of Aikido is to convince an attacker of the senselessness of his actions. The Aikidoka uses the force of the attacker in order to break his balance. According to Sensei Ueshiba,"Aikido is not a method of resistance; and since it never resists, it is always victorious." To put it in other words: Aikido is the art of using the enemy's power against himself. The stronger the attack, the more effective the defense will be, requiring only a minimum of physical exertion.

For these reasons, Aikido is very suitable for people without athletic dispositions and ideal for older people because the low risk of injury.

Children are taught concentration, discipline and improve their coordination skills.

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